Monday, November 24, 2008

Daily Treatments

I thought i might take a moment to give you an idea of Breezy's daily treatments. Breezy has a daily regiment of liquid, nebulizer,inhalers,pills and chest therapy to maintain her health and manage her CF. Morning Medications:
1-SOURCECF Chewable Multi-VitaminThis multi-vitamin helps her maintain a health level of vitamins A,D,E&K with CF she has difficulty processing and regulating her fat soluble vitamins.

Then some azithromycin....yummy her zithromax is being used as a long term antibiotic to improve her pulmonary function and decrease pulmonary episodes.
Next its an albuterol inhaler then pulmozyme treatment to break down the mucous in the lungs.The treatments improve airflow in the lungs,decrease pulmonary episodes,improve pulmonary functions and decreases the risk of bacterial infection associated with cystic fibrosis.
Every other month she is also on a TOBI nebulizer.

Breezy has to take digestive enzymes with everything she eats to help digest her food, proteins, starches, and fats.

And at night Breezy does her pulmozyne along with the Vest airway clearance system.The Vest rapidly vibrates her chest to help loosen any mucus so she can more easily cough it up.

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