Friday, November 21, 2008

Diagnosis Hospital Stay-September 2008

Photos and video from Breezy's week long stay in September 2008.When she was diagnosed with CF.Breezy’s doctors and nurses are very knowledgable and have been caring for cystic fibrosis patients for many years. I’m just so glad that we know exactly what is going on inside our little Breezy!

Breezy misses everyone and knows that all of you have been checking on her. So here is her song.
“When I sing it makes me think of my family”

Breezy was on contact isolations so for the first 2 days we were stuck in her room. And while we were in Breezy watched all of the Bob the Builder videos that the hospital had. All she was talking about was Bob the Builder. On Saturday night Bob the Builder called her room and told her to take all her medication and be a good girl because he was watching :) On Sunday Bob made a special delivery and gave Breezy tools and a work bench. Breezy also got lobby privileges and was allowed to go to the memorial gardens where a bunny hid special treats around.
Monday we were starting to get tired of being at the hospital. So the child life activity lady brought Breezy some craft supplies. Breezy calles it craftsie time, she made tons of pictures for her nurses and signs for her door. Brianna is the only kid here who has a decorated door, it is so colorful and Breezy like. It’s so funny because now that she has signs on the door people walk by and say so this is where “The Famous Brianna” lives.

Breezy wore a Georiga Bulldogs shirt today. This girl knows how to make her daddy proud i think she gets away with more when she is supporting the
Nurse: “Oh no you like Georiga Bulldogs?…..I’m a Gator”
Breezy:”Go Bulldogs…Woof,Woof,Woof”

We walked across the kidwalk from the in patient to the Nemours clinic, which is about 1/4 of a mile long walkway over the interstate. There are all kinds of cute things for kids to do in addition to exercise. Breezy just likes to get out of her room for a little while.


Breezy has to do breathing treatments and she is really good at them. She loves the Vest which is an airway clearance machine but she just calls it a backrub :)We are so proud of Breezy she has really been great through all of these IVs,treatments,meds and just the general irritation of being admitted to the hospital.

I just wanted to give a special thanks to everyone who has been calling and checking up on Breezy, you have all kept me & Breezy in high spirits.

Thanks to everyone who visited Ginger, Jon, Kara,Chad,Nate & Faith!!
And a Huge thanks to Nurses Heather Breezy’s fav, Jackie,Margie and all the staff.



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