Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just an Update

Well I am happy to report that we are successfully making it through our colistin eflow treatments with ease now a days. So the new treatment schedule is going much better and faster without crying and arguing...lol Someone pointed out to me that my counter looked like it belonged in a hospital so i thought i would take a few photos of all the supplies. Where do you keep your supplies? Are they in one spot or all over the house. Ours are in one organized place on our counter but of course the vest is elsewhere and the nebulizer moves to the current comfort spot.The comfort spot moves from the master bed to the living room depending on the day.

I also took a photo of her current medications. Most of these are taken twice daily with the exception of zithromax which is 3 times weekly, pulmozyme is once daily, and albuterol is once daily.

The cool looking round blue thing is her new eflow and I really love this machine. The treatment takes 4 minutes, life would be so much easier if all of her nebs took 4 minutes.Well we got this med schedule down pat, so I'm sure that the docs will call any day and change it...lol it always seems to change when we get it down.

Breezy has been feeling good the last few weeks and has been very active. I really think these meds are working.Breezy says that the new meds are defeating mucus. She has been full of energy I think that one of the meds has something to do with it. Has anyone else felt energetic on Nasonex, Levaquin or Colistin?

Breezy sounds a bit congested today so we are hoping its just some mucus and not the start of her getting sick.


Zoe Isabella said...

Hi Jessie!
So glad to hear things are going good with the new meds! That makes things a little easier, huh? :)
Your meds look a lot like ours! I'll have to post pics of ours now, it is interesting to see how other people store/organinize theirs.
Have a great day...keep up the fight!
(sorry if this double posted...it messed up somehow??)

Kelli said...

Hi, your daughter is gorgeous! Good idea to share the pictures of med storage. My daughter's are kinda spread out but I will try to take some pics. I like your idea to use the little drawer thingies, I use those for other things but hadn't thought of that for meds...that would make our medicine cabinet much better!

About the engery/meds things, I am pretty sure it isn't the Nasonex bc I take it and no energy for me! Must be one of the others!