Monday, March 9, 2009

The Crud

Well the last few days Breezy has been talking with her deep voice and she has been very congested. We have been through a whole box of tissues this weekend. I'm not too worried about her but Nate came down with the crud this morning and has been feeling terrible all day. So I hope that he keeps it to himself because Breezy doesn't need to catch anything and I'm too busy to get sick.
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Cindy said...

Oh, I hope neither of you get it! Especially Breezy! Yay, for being finished for Colitin & Tobi for now, too!
Yes, Reilly is feeling better, just has this weird rash. :o)

Bri said...

We'll send prayers of health your way!!

Graciy said...

My other inlaw Sherry tells me all the time about hoe Joshua use to sound when he got sick during his earlier years. I don't notice it all that much though. I really hope you both stay germ free!

Christy said...

I'll be praying that it doesn't develop into anything worse AND that neither of you get anything else!!!