Monday, March 9, 2009

Friday Fun

Well Friday was a fun day Breezy and I ate lunch together. At Subway, why because Breezy is addicted to the 5...5 dollar...5 dollar foot longs. Which I think is great because she will eat quite a bit of food there. And what CF mom doesn't like any food there kid will eat, having to struggle with maintaining and gaining weight is a huge concern in our house. So Woohoo for Subway!!

And of course when you have some time to kill before school you find a local store that you can try hats on at. Breezy and I tend to lean on the dorky side. So her are some adorable photos of her playing dress up at the store. The one in the pirate hat just cracks me

If you would like to join us for our walk on May 16,2009 or make a donation to Breezy's Bravery Great Strides please CLICK HERE and visit the CFF Site.


Diana said...

My Little Breezy,

You are so precious. I love you.

CFlover said...

I love the pics.
I have a pic of M somewhere with a hat just like that on!! Except hes 24 in the pic lol!!

Alicia said...

These pictures are adorable!