Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All Things Baby!!

This last month has been!! On Sunday I hosted a baby shower for my friend Kara who is due to have a little girl in May. It was tons of fun and everyone had a great time. I had to get creative on the decor because we chose to use guitars, pink and brown. I had trouble finding anything so I got my glue gun and I think everything turned out just perfect.

On April 2, 2009 my beautiful childhood friend Liz gave birth to Deagan. He is the most precious little baby. I'm so happy for Liz , Bobbie and their whole family.They will be such wonderful parents and Deagan will have so much love in his life. Congrats Liz!!!

I'm so excited to report that my sister in law Meagan just found out that she is expecting a little boy. Everyone is so excited because he will be joining a family of 3 granddaughter. I have already started to buy him things, I only get to purchase girl stuff so I have been having a great time looking at all of the boy items.

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1 comment:

meagan shiflett said...

Yeah for aunt jessie!!!
we are all so excited for Baby Gabe and can't wait to meet him already
only half way to go !!!!!