Monday, April 27, 2009

Breezy's Bravery T-Shirt Party

On Saturday we had our friends over to make Breezy's Bravery T-shirts for the Great Strides walk on May 16th. I had so much fun.I am really glad that we decided to make shirts this year. Every one is so cute and unique. People put some love in to making these and I love them.

I'm not sure how any people are on the team for the walk but there were 22 wet t-shirts hanging all over my house so that is a good group. And that is just the beginning. Everyone has been so helpful and supportive, I have great friends :)

This week has been so crazy with the doctors apts, cf clinic, tshirt party, and getting everything ready and caught up because we leave tomorrow. We are going to Greenville for the Artistic Union Benefit and I simply can't wait. In fact yesterday morning Breezy asked if she could go to sleep so that she could get to Greenville faster. I feel so blessed to have everyone doing this for my daughter. Our whole family appreciates everything.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your fund raising success. I too and walking on May 16th at the Grassmere Zoo in murfreesboro. I am so excited!