Friday, November 6, 2009

September CF Clinic

Breezy did a great job at her September CF Clinic. I feel like we are there all day on normal clinics but this one was twice as long because it was her yearly check up. They did all of her blood labs, a throat culture and she had a chance to practice on the lung complicity machine. She thought it was great because she got to try and blow candles out. The things that amuse kids are so simple :) All of her labs came back great, vitamin levels are perfect, no terrible bacteria on the throat culture and her weight is in the 25th percentile up from the 10th so everything is going in a good direction.

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Cara said...

Yay Breezy! So glad to hear things are going great. And, just so you know, I like to use the PFT machine that has the candles, instead of the boring old adult one. Hehe! :)