Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CF Update

Just thought I would give everyone a CF update, Breezy has been doing very well. Aside from the slightly higher than average congestion she has been experiencing sporadically the past few weeks. Her last clinic appointment was November 20th and all was well with her cultures. She had another shot at the PFT machine, yet still at this point we are not getting accurate readings but lots of great practice.

Breezy's Current Meds:

-Creon 10 (She can swallow big pills now..yeah!)
-Hypretonic Saline

Current Treatments:
- The Vest

No TOBI !!! She is really excited about that, she is not a huge fan of tobi and the less she has to do the happier she is. But there is Breezy's CF update I hope that everyone is keeping germ free this cold and flu season. I know how hard it can be to keep a kiddo clean but we try as hard as we can.

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