Thursday, May 27, 2010

CF Clinic Update- May 2010

Breezy had her clinic appointment on Tuesday and as usual it felt like we spent the whole day at the hospital. That being said we came home and if we come home than I'm a happy camper, because it could have been worse. Everyone is happy with her growth since her diagnosis she has gained and gained weight she is currently 41 lbs which puts her in the 25th percentile for her weight and height. The want her in the 50th but as long as she keeps gaining we should get there. Her goal weight for the next clinic visit is 43 lbs, so we need to make sure that she eats 1900 calories a day. 1900 calories a day is about 500 more calories than the average 5 year old.

Breezy did the pulmonary function test at this time she is still practicing how to successfully complete the test so the results are not as reliable as they will be in the future.They also took a throat culture and we should be getting the results within the next couple of days.

The topic of concern at this visit was nasal polyps, it looks as though Breezy has a nasal polyp and it is blocking her left nostril. So we are now on another antibiotic, a new nasal flush and increased Nasonex. This is all in hopes that we can clear her nose up so that we don't need to have the dreaded sinus surgery.

We got some awesome news while at clinic, the SB 166-Enzyme Bill will be going in effect in July. This means that CF kiddos in the state of Florida have the right to carry their enzymes on them at school. Just like kids with asthma get to carry their inhalers. I'm sure that I will still have Breezy go to the nurse at lunch just to make sure that she is taking them everyday without forgetting but if the class has a snack she won't have to leave the room anymore.

All in all the visit went well and I will keep you updated on any changes.

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