Saturday, May 22, 2010

An Evening Swim

Today was a lazy Saturday, we didn't do to much of anything. I think that we are all in great need of the summer arriving as soon as possible. To say that this family is exhausted would be an understatement. It took us all day to get the energy to open our back door and take a swim. The girls really do enjoy swimming under the moon light, so that is a plus when you have no motivation : ) It was so relaxing to hear them playing while I read my book, nothing compares to hearing the kiddo giggle and play. Sometimes it is hard to remember how to be completely carefree, but kids have it down to a science. They simply don't get worked up about to much. So the day wasn't a complete wash the kids had fun and i guess that is all that matters, we don't have to be overly productive everyday.

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