Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Culture Results

Breezy's Culture came back in and it was positive for Pseudomonas. Which means that we will be starting on TOBI this week. I'm so bummed her last visit was all clear, I hate TOBI as much as she does. Breezy doesn't complain about it anymore but it takes forever and I just hate it for her. But on the bright side we can do it at home so that's always a good thing.


Bri said...

what does that mean? sorry I should google!

Jessie said...

It means that she has a bacteria in her lungs that if untreated could lead to lung infection. So she has to take TOBI which is an inhaled (nebulizer) antibiotic. Hopefully the TOBI will clean it u before it gets worse.

Zoe Isabella said...

So sorry to hear about the PA....and the yummy Tobi! :( Tell Breezy we hope her "yucky" neb goes quickly!!
Take care,

Wanda said...

So sorry.I hope it clears up soon.I love you,