Saturday, August 21, 2010

That was fast...

I can't believe that the summer is almost over, Breezy will be starting first grade on Monday. It feels like she just got out of school. Every year goes by faster than the last these days and I am not so sure that I like it that way.

I guess that I should give a little summer up date on how we have been doing. Breezy finished school in June and just a couple of weeks later had her sixth birthday. We had a tacky tiki luau in honor of Hawaii which is very close to my heart because I lived there as a military child when I was growing up. So Breezy had tons of family and friends over to celebrate and had a wonderful time. We had it all cake, games, wonderful Hawaiian food and of course swimming.

Then one week after her birthday came the not so fun pneumonia hospitalization, Breezy spent 4 days in the children's hospital. This just broke my heart because she had been doing so well, missed very few days of school and had to spend her free summer time in the hospital. But as much as it was a bummer Breezy is always a trooper and we made the best of it. I also can't complain because she is feeling great now and that is all that matters, when you strip all of the daily struggles and speed bumps away at the end of the day I have her and that is something priceless.

Breezy has been having fun with her friends taking shopping trips, having play dates, swimming and crafting which is one of her favorite things to do. We took a trip to Tampa where my young aspiring veterinarian was treated to a zoo visit by her Grandpa. She loves the zoo and Grandpa loves to make Breezy happy. We have made countless trips to the library because Breezy is a sponge and love to read. She has a fondness for Junie b. Jones which started with her wonderful kindergarten teacher. But she has added the Magic School Bus Chapter books to her list of favorites. Breezy's has got to spend time with both of her Grandma's this summer with she has loved. Grandma Wanda came to visit when Breezy was in the hospital and that meant the world to us. Grandma Diana just returned back from Guam and Breezy has enjoyed having her around to play with and just spend time with. Breezy and Grandma Diana and partners in crime and keep me on my toes : )

I know that I have missed a million thing that we did this summer but I think that I covered that major stuff.


Gemma said...

Hi there, I cant believe I didn't message you (my brain is not what it once was :) )but I awarded your blog an award! If you visit my blog 'lungs behaving badly' and scroll down to 'this is a surprise' you can pick it up! Glad you've had a great summer and your daughter is adorable!

Take care

Gemma said...

I also forgot to add, i'm sorry to hear about the pneumonia but so so glad she has recovered from it!