Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Christmas

On Christmas Eve Breezy and Haylie made about a hundred cookies. They only picked out two for Santa and over the next 2 days all of the cookies disappeared.It wouldn't be Christmas without a huge tray of cookies. Grandpa and Uncle Charles arrived on Christmas eve afternoon and the girls were just so excited. As the day went on we all decided to order Tai food which was great and then calm down. After a bath Breezy and Haylie opened one Christmas Eve gift and couldn't wait for the morning to come.Breezy made a last minute Christmas wish "Dear Santa...oh please oh please bring me my Biscuit" and they were off to bed.

Now I must be the luckiest momma in the world because when I woke up at 7:00 I was sure the girls had already been in to the gifts. Much to my surprise they had never even woken up. So 8:00 came still sleeping.....9:00...9:15 finally they come running so excited out of the room to find all of the goodies Santa left. There were tons of gifts and the girls were so happy to have received exactly what the wanted including a wii & games and Biscuit my loving pup.

After the gift extravaganza we ended up out at the pond fishing. The girls caught a few fish and returned to their toys but Nate & Uncle Charles spent a good part of the day after the big one. We had a yummy chicken lettuce wraps and potstickers for dinner. And just vegged out for the rest of the day new toys and funny movies. It was a great Christmas

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