Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Trip To Greenville

Just before Christmas my family and I took a trip to Greenville South Carolina. We love visiting Greenville Nate's sister Ginger (Breezy's Aunt) lives there. Greenville is move than just a vacation to me the people and places we come across are just amazing. Here are my top 10 from our trip.
1.)The beautiful sky on our morning flight.
2.)The Family Reunion

3.) Lauryn's Birthday

4.)Kisses for Aunt Ginger

5.)The All Girls Slumber Party

6.)Lunch In Downtown Greenville

7.)Christmas Lights

8.)Meeting Jessica Dunaway..who gave me a kick butt hair cut :)9.)Dion-Aunt Ginger's new hypoallergenic Malitpoo

10.)Funny Faces

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