Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away....

Breezy sang on the way to school. It has been raining all day, the kind of day you stay in bed for. But not Breezy she loves school and her friends way to much to sleep in too late. So right now she is at school and I'm wishing she were not because that means i have to go pick her up. The bottom of my pants are soaking because we live in Florida and I only own flip flops so when I go out in rain the bottom of my pants dance in the puddles. And I can feel the wetness so I'm slightly grumpy as I return home to do some laundry.

But in the mean time in an attempt to cheer myself up I took a look back in time. Old photos have a way of bringing back great feelings. After all they are a stamp in time. I love photographs because no matter what that moment will never happen again.

This one cracks me up -It's so Breezy!!
And this One is a true mother-daughter moment. Too Funny!
Breezy and I look so mad, I wonder what it was about.

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Zoe Isabella said...

Hello Jessie and Breezy!
I ran across your blog through someone elses blog...who was following someone elses blog....leading to mine! :) Crazy...huh?? I read your story, amazing! Waiting 4 years to get a diagnosis. We go to Nemours in Jax. also., just there today. Would love to meet someday!

Hope you are feeling good Breezy. Take care,