Monday, January 26, 2009

Thats Just Great

Well I called Breezy's CF Clinic this morning to check on her throat swap results. I knew right away that something was abnormal because the lady who answered the phone had to get a nurse or doctor to call me back (I hate that). So i waited about half an hour for the call back and the results are in Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas non-mucoid. I was told that sometimes it just stays and colonizes in the lungs so it may not ever be fully cleared from her system. So what next... I just wait and see if her doctor wants to adjust her meds.

I was told that sometimes aggressive chest therapy helps clear the infection. Breezy is already on the vest and we also do manual CPT. But we do still have problems getting her to spit it out. If anyone has more advice on how to get the mucus out of a 4 year old I would love to hear it. I will try almost anything :)


Carrie said...

I have no idea other than the vest and chest pt. My doctor tends to lean more toward manual chest pt when my Sawyer is sick. He has just started to learn to spit it out but still swallows a good bit too. Does Breezy always have mucus or just when she is sick??

Phoenix's Mom said...

I know with Phoenix he did clear up faster doing very agressive CPT. The one thing we learned was to continue pounding on his chest while he's coughing so it comes out and doesn't give him a chance to swallow it again. The doctors were very impressed with how fast his cultures cleared up, we did every 4 hours round the clock. (I know it's a lot, but it worked!)
Best of luck!

Zoe Isabella said...

I am so sorry to hear about the P.A., that is a tough one. :( I cried the first time Zoe cultured it. They put Zoe on Tobi and Cipro. Her next culture didn't show it. Hudak is her main doc., but we see Schaeffer also. We normally only see Lang if she is in the hospital & he is on call. Dr. George is the one who diagnosed her, with Schaeffer. I like all of them though!
Well, hang in know...the time Zoe cultured P.A., I thought the exact same thing as you going into clinic that time. That she was doing pretty good. Weird, huh???
Hugs to you..

Carrie said...

We do the same...mix up the vest and manual chest pt. I would say we do more manual chest pt just because that is what he prefers. He was officially diagnosed when he was 2 weeks old but they were suspicious of cf during the last part of my pregnancy. I have a link on my blog to Sawyer's's at the tells how it all happened. He really dosen't have mucus unless he is sick. He used to clear his throat all the time and had alot more mucus before we started using GSH. I still contribute that to how well he is doing.

Zoe Isabella said...

Yes, I have a 23 yr. old daughter. All those kiddos on my side bar are mine. I carried and birthed all 8 of them. Thanks for saying I don't look old enough! :)
We live about 45 minutes from clinic, in St. Marys.
How is she doing today? Did they add Cipro? Zoe hates Tobi. And it takes soooo long! :(
Take care,

Alicia said...

Oh, this is awful. I'm so sorry. I know it stinks, and I also hate when the doc has to be the one to deliver the news. Has the dr decided what to do about her meds?