Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Adventures of Levaquin and Colistin

Yesterday I was able to pick up the levaquin at my local pharmacy early in the morning before Breezy even woke up. So she started the levaquin with her usual morning medications and again that night. And much to my surprise she loves it, this is the first antibiotic that i haven't had to fight with her about.

This morning Breezy's eflow and colistin was delivered. Oh man there was a lot in the box and this was the first treatment/med/machine that i have had to learn without a nurse.While it looked overwhelming it turned out to be easier than i thought. I was hoping for the same wonderful experience we had with the levaquin. Breezy was so excited that the eflow was new and exciting.....and then she tasted the colistin. Wow the reaction was terrible she hates it, the awesome eflow that only takes 4 minutes to deliver medication took over 30 minutes of crying. She asked me if i had one that tasted better. Poor baby, I think after a few days she will be fine with the colistin.

So tomorrow is Funny Dress Friday at Breezy's school so I'm off to help Breezy gather all of the crazy clothes she wishes to but together. The other day she told me she was going to put 14 socks and one shoe on her


Bri said...

that's hard. :(

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

That's great she liked the antibiotic! Gotta love it when that happens:) It makes the 21 days or so go by much faster:)

Hopefully she'll get used to the other stuff:(

Cindy said...

I am hoping that she gets adjusted to it quickly. It makes it so hard on us, as parents to force our kids to do something they hate. Hang in there, you are doing a great job!

Katey said...

Sorry she doesn't like the tast of Colistin...I hated it too. But she'll get used to it...promise! I know it will help her feel better...and that's more important! I'm glad she likes the Levaquin though!

Zoe Isabella said...

We've never been on either one of those antibiotics...good to get the heads up about the Colistin tasting 'yucky'! Poor Breezy! It always makes it so much harder to give them their meds when they hate them. I hope and pray she gets better soon!
Take care,

CFlover said...

Michael says it (colistin) has a very strange taste. =(

When Michael was small his mom told me his doctor would let them add more saline to help with the taste. I dont know if breezy is on the 7% treatment but we still add more saline to it and hes almost 25lol.
So check with her docotor and see if thats an option for you guys.
Its hard enough getting them to do the treatments without adding a bad taste!

Good Luck!

Graciy said...

Josh hasn't had to be on Colistin before but I'm glad to know it tast bad for the future. I hope Breezy feels better though. leviquin is so strong so hopefully it will do the trick!

Courtnie said...

Luke's never had to be on either of those but I am sure that his day is coming. I am glad that she does well with one of them :)