Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling The Love

I love Valentine's Day so when Breezy's teacher sent home a note asking parents to help their child make a mail box I jumped on it. I scavenged through my house looking for the perfect box. I found a great thick children's shoe box and we got started. Nate cut a nice mail slot in the top while Breezy painted some wrapping paper.We were so impatient that Breezy and I blow dried the the paint.Then we hot glued the paper on to the box and added a couple of bows. Now Breezy is ready to receive love notes. I can't wait until next week so we can make all of the kids treat bags and yummy heart shaped food. Her class party is on Friday and it is also my Birthday so we will be parting all day :)


MOM said...

I love the art work.Great job Breezy and Mom.It sounds like Friday is going to be a busy and fun day.Happy early birthday wishes to Jessie.I love you .Take care.

Julie said...

Very cute. Now I have some ideas for Seamus. It will be his first Valentines Party at school. Thanks!

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Looks like you girls had a lot of fun:)

I like the idea of taking a pic everyday:)