Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Day!

Breezy had a great Easter there were about 200 eggs all over the house. She had some help from Haylie, Aby and Ayden but there were still so many eggs that I had to empty their baskets a couple of times.

Breezy is really in to the Littlest Pet Shop toys so when the Easter bunny left some in her eggs she was ecstatic. Nate, Myself and Breezy's grandparents have been going crazy with the pet shop toys. We find it adorable that she wants to collect something so I get phone calls all the time " Does Breezy have the little armadillo? "

When the egg hunt was over she began asking questions "How did that tricky bunny get in our house?" and "Where did he get all of these eggs from , Target?". To which I reply the universal, I don't know how to answer your questions answer "Magic!"

All in all it was a wonderful Easter filled with fun and apparently

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