Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick Update

I have been bad about blogging this week but Breezy has Bronchitis. We have been back and fourth to the doctors. The have upped her dose of zithromax and great news about her chest was clear. She has been coughing all week and she sounds very congested. She hates being out of school so we have been doing lots of school work at home this week. I love to see her eagerness to learn new things. Breezy has had a fever everyday this week, if we can keep her fever free this weekend then she can return to school on Monday.

I will be back tomorrow to add photos of Easter.

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CFlover said...

Im sorry
Ill be praying for a speedy recovery!!


Zoe Isabella said...

Darn! I wondered why we haven't heard from you....was hoping it was because you were busy.
Zoe has had Bronchitis for a month now. We had to do 2 weeks of inhaled Gentimicin and are finishing up her 4th week of Bactrim. I hope and pray Breezy gets better super quick!!!!
Give her a big hug from us!!

Bri said...

so sorry! poor breezy!

Liz and Bobby said...

I hope she feels better soon. Good to hear that the chest xray was clear though.

meagan shiflett said...

aww my lil breezy
i have a bad cough too
i wish you well for school on monday !!
i will see you guys soon !!
cant wait!!
love you guys