Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Breezy CF Update

Just an update on Breezy...I have been working on the Great Strides so much that I haven't been giving as many Breezy updates. She was in the hospital for four days in July with double lung pneumonia. While she was there she completed a round of I.V. Tobi. After she was released we continued the inhaled Tobi at home. Which we are still doing now, Tobi is by far her least favorite medication but it works so she endures.

The other problem that she is currently dealing with is the uselessness of her left nostril. She can not breath out of it at all. So I'm excited to say that she is going to see the ENT specialist at Nemours next Tuesday. We will have a day packed full of doctors, Tuesday Breezy will see the pulmonologist , nutritionist, respiratory therapist, and woo hoo the ENT. I can't wait to fix her little nose, the crazy thing is that Breezy never complains I have more complaints about her nose than she does. I'm so lucky to have such a strong little girl!!

Current Medications:

Zenpep- With Every Meal
ADEK- Once Daily
Nasonex- Twice Daily
Albuterol- Twice Daily
Tobi- Twice daily
Zithromax- Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Prevacid- Once Daily
Pulmozyme- Once Daily
Hypertonic Saline- Twice Daily
Miralax- Once Daily

Current Treatments:

The Vest
Nasal Flush

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